Monday, September 30, 2013


For the last 3 weeks i had been overwhelming by a big house cleaning, i've thrown away all of the stuff that we no longer need and some of the stuffs that still in a good condition, i will give it to charity. It's a real hard work, because altough its been three weeks already. It's still not done yet. But, it feels sooo good once you saw the room, drawer, closet become neat and prettier. It is so easy to find things now. Make me so happy with the results. The room look brighter too..and once its done, i can move to decorating part. Which will be a very fun and exciting progress.

So, i want to share what i browse in beautiful mess blog. I saw a reference near my dream house. Its childlike, pretty, artsy, unique and lots of fun things. It's Sherri Bemis's house. Let's take a peek..

 "I grew up just a stones throw away from what would become my future home! My parents house that we moved into when I was 15 is only a couple of blocks from mine and Max's 'Pink Palace'.We jokingly call it that, as the house was built in the 1930s and has a slight 'dollhouse' vibe. When we bought it, it desperately needed to be painted and luckily, I have a very easy-going husband, who was more than happy to let me play out my childhood dream of living in a pink house (my favorite color)! So we painted it a beautiful pale pink."

 "Max and I are avid readers, and he also has a fantastic comic book collection. So we built out the second living room in the house to be a library! I'm working on finishing up free-hand paintings on the sides of all the shelves."

 "One of my favorite finds is a simple wooden dresser that was super shabby. I painted it for my daughters nursery, while I was pregnant with her. It's cherry red with gold stripes and whimsical bumble bees now, and somehow I just knew it would fit her personality—it totally does! I love redoing old pieces and making them our own."

 "Max basically lets me have free reign on the decorating, which is almost like walking into my brain when you walk through the door. It's quirky, whimsical, childlike and a bit cluttered but also romantic! Haha. It's always evolving too. My rule is simple: Don't decorate with anything you don't absolutely love. I also wanted to create a world that was fun for kids to grow up in. So the furniture is to be jumped on, the 'things' are to be touched."

 "It's been  a little over two years. And since the house was a sort of fixer-upper, we spent a lot of time redoing the boring things first: plumbing, electricity ect. But once we started getting settled in, it's just become our evolving project—always changing and tweaking things to make them feel or look better."

"I live in my dream home. To some it may be just another old house, with creaks and drafts, oddly placed closets or cabinets. But to us it's perfect. It's our 'Pink Palace'."

Credit to : a beautiful mess 

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Just want to share what i have for breakfast..a lovely almond croissant with milk. A little bit of heaven to warm up the day. Wish you all have a great day. Be a blessing.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


If sushi is one of your favourite craving..the good news is you can make it yourself at home..With your favourite ingredients. You can use anything that you want or if you only have a few ingredients at home, you can make it too..for example: eggs, cucumber, mince, etc.. and it is super easy and delicious. 

Today im gonna make a sushi with a red rice

Ingredients :
Red rice (i prefer it a bit sticky)
Seaweed sheets
Crab cake
Rice Vinegar

 Prepare the sushi mat, place the seaweed sheet, and pat the rice (mixed rice + vinegar, first)

 Place the eggs

 Place crab cake + mayonaise
 Place the mince

 Roll and roll
 Cut it in a bite sized

You can eat it with wasabi, soya sauce, and mayonaise

You must try, its so fun and simple :D..See you next time

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Hello everyone, so happy im here again. This past two days i've been so busy cleaning and reorganizing my house..Well its not done yet, still in progress but im so happy that i can make my family feel better at home and its starting to get more and more comfortable because it's really make a huge impact in daily life. 

Today im gonna make pancake from scratch. The good thing is, we can really control the pancake we want to by making it from scratch. I follow this tutorial and its really easy and fun to make. But, i think this recipe is only for 1-2 people. You can double or triple the ingredients if you want to make for a bunch of people.

Ingredients : 
100g flour 
2tbs sugar (less sugar for me)
1 tbs corn starch
1/2 tbs baking powder
a pinch of salt
1 egg
100 ml milk
1 tbs melted butter (i used butter instead of cooking oil)

 Prepare everything first
 Strain the flour, sugar, corn scratch, baking powder, salt to make sure there;s no lump
 Mixed together with a whisk 
 This is the wet ingredients, beat the egg first 
 Pour the milk and mixed it again
 Pour the dry ingredients  

 and melted butter. Please dont mixed everything to well, just mixed it a bit (this is the thing that i got from different tutorial) because when you over mixed it..the pancake will become tough and nobody love tough pancake. You want the pancake to be all fluffy. 
 Leave the pancake for 5-10 minutes and heat the pan. You can use non stick frying pan or if you dont have it, you can use butter/ margarine so the pancake wont stick.
 Pour the mixture
 If the bubbles appear, you can flip the pancake
 Love it 
Place a butter and pour maple syrup or honey. You can eat it with your favourite food, jam, or ice cream too. Even with egg and sausage would be nice :D

See you soon. Hope you have a great day. 

Monday, September 16, 2013


Now its time for a traditional sauce..Sambal terasi or also known as shrimp chili sauce is a really delicious and exotic sauce for dipping and eat together with chicken, sayur asem, fried rice and the list go on and on. I can feel my mouth is watering right now..Better if we started!

Ingredients :
4 garlic cloves
8 red onion cloves
1 tomato
2 tbs shrimp paste (i use to different brand) 
12 red chili
10 birds eye chili (cabe rawit)
1 lime
1 tsp cooking oil
3tbs sugar 
1.5 tbs salt 

Prepare the ingredients

I will use "ulekan" in indonesian language or you can use a food processor/ mixer for the process
Add a bit of cooking oil heated and add garlic, red onion, and shrimp paste
Add tomato, red chili, birds eye chili until it cooked enough
Put it in the "ulekan" or food processor

Start crushing everything
Untit it all crushed and blend together
Add sugar and salt
Squeeze the lime and now its done..!

The dipping delicious sauce is ready and im gonna tell you its gonna give a delicious powerful taste for your meal

I ate it with curry rice, traditional fried chicken, and a slice of fresh cucumber

Give it  try, you won't regret it ;D