Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hi all..! This is my first post from my blog..Well, this blog is born on Friday, 13th of September 2013. I know.. i know it has a "horror" image since it was born on Friday the 13th lol.. But, my posts is will be faaaaar away from those image and i dont planning on that date too.

So, this is name is Davina and im 26 y'o.. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. I graduated from Tarumanagara University and major in visual communication design. I love photography, cooking, make up, illustration, travelling and everything related to art and sure. I also very excited to learn new things and challenge myself day by day. 

In this blog i will put a lot of tips and experimental projects. Stay tuned, and we will have a good times. 

See you on the next posts. 

Love ya' xoxo



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