Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hi everyone, what to do to make your days a little bit brighter? Lets make a cheesecake..its a very easy and delicious recipe and sure your friends and family gonna loooveee it.. This is my very first cheesecake, and i can tell..i love the outcome :D..I refer to this recipe but i make my own version out of it. Less unhealthy ingredients ;) Lets start..

Crust :
2 packs of oreo (dont use the vanilla cream)
20 gr of unsalted butter
a pinch of strong black coffee
1/2 tablespoon of vanilla essence/ crystal

Cake :
200gr white sugar
4 fresh eggs
500gr cheese cream
250gr sour cream (or plain yoghurt)
1 tbs lemon juice + 1/4 tbs of lemon peel grated
20 gr of unsalted butter

Blueberry jam

Baking pan 18cm

Prepare all the tools and ingredients 

Baking pan
Spread the butter in your baking pan
Sprinkle a bit of flour. So, the cake wont stick to the pan. 

Melt the butter

Crushed the oreo, mixed with coffee and vanilla crystal
Pour the melted butter

Flatten the crust in to the pan
Baked the crust in 10 minutes 

Pour the cheese cream and sour cream together

Beat with a mixer
Until it mixed together and fluffy

Prepare the eggs and sugar 

Mixed it together

After it done, mixed the cream and eggs ingredients together and beat it with a mixer

Pour the mixture into the baking pan, on top of the oreo crust
Kinda look like this 

Baked the mixture in 90 minutes with au bain marie style (put the other pan outside and fill with boiling water, make sure the water wont leaked into the mixture, you can use allumunium foil to cover up)

 If you wont prevent the crack on top of your cheesecake. You can set the oven in a higher temperature before than lower the temperature later (180C - 30 minutes and 160C after)

You can tell if the cake is cooked if the outside part turning harder and the middle part +/- 5cm is still shake and soft

After it baked, let it cool down inside the oven 


Spread the blueberry jam

Put the cake inside the refrigerator for 4-6 hours

Serve and enjoy.. :)

We loved it


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