Monday, September 16, 2013


I reallyyy loved refreshing cool flavoured drink, since its only between summer and rainy season here in Jakarta. A glass of cool drink can really boost my mood. But, i want it to be delicious and more healthy too. I love lemonade and make it daily, but it started to get boring since i only add lemon and pure honey. I found a simple recipe from here and make my own version out of it. 

I replace the raspberry with strawberry. I made it with less sugar too and i pour lychee syrup and jelly inside of it. If you want to make your own version, you can give me your own recipe version and leave it in comment box below.

Ingredients :
2 strawberries
1 lemon juice 
50gr white sugar
Lychee syrup
Colourful Jelly

Squeeze the lemon 

Cut the strawberry into chunks
Pour the white sugar depends on the level of sweetness you like
Pour the water and boils until the strawberry become smoother
Strain the strawberries
You can add the lychee syrup. it give more fragrant and a bit of flavour into it
Mixed it with your favourite flavour jelly
Refrigerated for one or two hours or give it an ice

And now it's done..!

I like this recipe, its so quick and easy. So, nice for your family at home or your guests. You should give it a try :)


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