Monday, November 4, 2013


Spring roll time :D always make me happy..Today i making fried spring roll..You can fill your spring roll with any vegetable or meat that you like ;). Well let's start..

Spring roll pastry
Red onion
Frozen veggies

First, you can buy spring roll pastry at the grocery store
Chop the ginger, red onion, and garlic
Prepare the shrimp and veggies, let it melt if you store it on the freezer
Wash the fresh vegetable
Prepare the sauce, you can mixed the salt, pepper,bbq sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce, a bit of plum sauce, and a fresh squeeze of lime.
Chopped the shrimp
I have leftover pork meat that i can use too
Bring the vermicelli in the water and boil
Heat the pan with margarine
Stir fry the garlic and onion
Put the shrimp in
Until cooked
Put all of the veggies in
Put the sauce and vermicelli and fry until cooked
Bring the pastry out and you dont want to leave it too long outside because it can became hard
Put a little filling into the side of the pastry
Roll it
Flip the right side
Flip the left side
And roll 

Heat the oil and let the spring roll in
Turn it until it cooked and become golden brown
and drained
Let it rest in the paper towel to suck the oil 
And put it in a plate and serve

You can make a dipping sauce with garlic, cayenne, and soya sauce
Or you can make another dipping sauce with garlic, cayenne, chilli flake, rice vinegar, salt, and pepper, soya sauce
Spring roll taste so nice and crispy :D i love it so much 


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